• Klein Family

    We had a great experience working with photography by Levy. He was ontime, worked efficiently and most of all, delivered beautiful pictures!

    Thank you again,

    Family Klein












    Thank you so much Levi, for the gorgeous pictures!  You created an easy and happy atmosphere throughout the affair - it was a pleasure to smile at the camera!   And you presented us with the pictures less than a week later!!!  Thanks loads!   Looking forward to having you at all our future simchas!

  • Devorah Goldman

    Dear Mr. Levi

    I cannot thank you enough for doing such an amazing job and for making us look so beautiful. Our bar mitzva pictures are perfect!!! 

    You were focused throughout the Simcha and gave each of us our own undivded attention-not missing any important moment. 

    From every instruction to tilt our heads, move a step foward and to look this way and that, you really know how to bring out the best in all of us.

    Thank you so much and looking forward to book you again for our future simchas.

  • Malky Mittelman

    Thanks Levi for your outstanding service and fabulous work...... i absolutely love my pictures.


  • Weinberger & Grunspan

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

    Was a pleasure getting the pictures so fast after the wedding

    The album - GORGEOUS!

    Thank you!!!!!

  • Levi & Shterny Wolff

    Dear Levi,

    We couldn't be happier with our wedding pictures!!

    You really managed to capture the special moments and working with you was a fun and relaxing experience!

    Timing and quality was amazing!! Highly reccomend to everyone!!

    Thanks again for everything!

    Levi & Shterny

  • Schlass & Greene

    Thank you so much for the great pictures! They came out stunning!!! They’re amazing!!

    It was so nice getting the proofs right away!

    Thank you so much for your patience and good work! The pictures came our great- you really captured the moments! It was a pleasure working with you. May we share in many more Simchas together

    Thank You,

    Dovid and Chanie Greene Rochester, MN

  • Avremi & Channy Lapine

    Thank you! The pictures are unbelievable it feels like we're reliving our wedding again and again just by looking at them! They capture every moment in such a beautiful way and also it was a pleasure having you at our Simcha!

    You added to the joy with your humor and patience. We can't thank you enough.

    Avremi and Channy Lapine

  • Gotlieb

    Levi, you did a fantastic job! Besides the pictures coming out beautiful, you were a wonderful person to be around before the Chuppah, when everyone's nerves were on overdrive! Thank you again and again!

  • Mussy and Mendel

    Just looked through them all. Amazing!!!!

     I love the portraits, and the candid shots are exactly what I wanted. I especially love the picture of my grandfather holding the Kesubah (close up) and of Mendel’s grandfather reading the Rebbe letter with his glasses hanging down. So artistic! I shared them with my family and they’re all raving.

     You put them up so fast and it was so fun to look through them all a few days after the fact. Thanks so much for being so accommodating and understanding I know we can treasure these pictures for a lifetime.

    Mussy and Mendel.

  • Dina And Yossi Blumenfeld

    Memories forever!!!

    We are so excited to view our pictures they are full of life and color. It makes our wedding stay with us every time we look @ them.
    Your smile, Levi, was worth everything, U made us feel soooo calm and happy.

    Thanks & lots of hatzlacha.


  • Mrs. Schwartz

    Hello Levi,

    T -H-A-N-K  Y-O-U!!!!  so much the pictures are beautiful your attention for every small detail was amazing!! you were very patient with all the kids. we really appreciate you and your work, thank you for making our Simcha so memorable

  • Shushi & David Bechhoffer

    I hope you got my message the morning after Tzeepy and Yitzie's chassunah, thanking you so very very much for your wonderful presence and calm manner and efficient work and truly your simcha at being at our simcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    We feel very privileged to have had you there!!!
    The pictures on line are beautiful and it's going to be hard to choose!! 
    Wishing you loads of hatzlacha and looking forward to seeing you at my sister's son's chassunah IMY"H. 

    All the very best, Shushi and David 

  • Lisa Schabes - Baltimore

    On behalf of our entire family I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you!


  • Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Teitelbaum

    Dear Levi Shyichye,

    Everything is beautiful!!!!

    Thank you so much!

    May HK"BH grant you and your family a "picturesque", gut gebencht yahr. We hope the New Year is one that "lens" itself to you being busy with Simchas -- from BOTH sides of the camera. 
    We "shutter" to think what Klal Yisroel would be like without "exposure" to people like you! 

    Your nature is of the "greatest patients".
    How can we thank you enough for all that you have done for us??
    You are a role model of mentchlichkeit.
    The picture of our family that you sent would be worthy of our gratitude at any cost, but you've really outdone yourself!

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    When we see beautiful pictures of our kinderlach, especially at a Simcha, we are deeply moved to strong feelings of Hakaras hatov to the Ribonno Shel Olam and you are our vehicle in that hakaras hatov.

    May HK"BH bentch you and your Aishes Chayil and your beautiful mishpacha with many Simchas, nachas, gezunt, parnassa and kol tuv selah.

    We are fortunate to be able to consider you amongst our friends.

    Thank you again, and may we always meet by Simchas to share between our families!

    Dr. Chuny and Lisa Teitelbaum

  • Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Leib Ausch

    The pictures are breathtaking!!! The proofs within Sheva Brochos! That's what we call s‚Äčervice! 

  • Mr. & Mrs. Fakiro

    Hello Levi, 

    I just wanted to write a few words to thank you for the beautiful pictures and amazing video (I don't remember the name of the person that took the video but I would like you to tell him the same).
    You are not just a photographer that takes pictures, it's the environment that you put us in during the pictures that is so nice and funny. Even if I was a little tense at the beginning, after the pictures i felt different! It was peaceful and fun and you made us laugh, and the kids as well as the family felt the same way. 
    Hashem should send you a lot of hatzlacha to you and your family in all. 

    Pessach kosher vesameach.
    Thank you,

    Mrs Fakiro.