Back then in the 70's in Europe, way before the Digital photography era, is where i began developing the love for photography. It gave me the way to explore a different angle of Art in portraiture. Now, years later and with 25 years experience of Professional photography, I have reached the level I looked forward to.


         Photography can be a hobby or a source of income, as it can be a unique way to explore ones creativity and talent. Nowadays, with every gadget having a built in camera, is where some may make the mistake assuming that the camera is all that it takes for a quality job.  


         Experience and quality plays a major role and is what makes memories of a event last a lifetime. This refelects managing time properly and run all efficiently. This takes many years of experience and hard work to accomplish the level required to be different from camera enthusiest. . It requires management and communication skills especially with the little treasures that have plans of their own.


         Look around some of our work in the galleries on this site and see for your self the HUGE difference when it comes to Color, Sharpness, Creative lighting and Posing. You'll be convinced that you have made the right choice by selecting Photography by Levi for all your photographic and video needs. 


No job is too small or too big. We can handle them all.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.........



Mazal Tov